The Amen-Ra Institutes offers both online and contact programmes on ancient Afrikan knowledge systems, particularly the Kushite-Kemetic and iSi-Ntu sciences of consciousness. Knowledge of Self is the basis of our wisdom teachings predicated upon astrophysics, quantum field theory, neurosciences, epigenetics, etc. For one to fully appreciate one’s culture, it critical for such to learn ancient languages that gave birth to ancient and innovative civilisations.

We therefore offer Sesh Metu Neter or ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs lessons as an essential requirement to delving deeper into Afrikan cosmologies. We recognise that hidden history, cosmology alone are not sufficient. Therefore we systematically facilitate programmes on forbidden true-stories, Afrikan holistic healing systems, mindfulness (meditation) techniques, awakening (applied cosmology) protocols, transmutation of sexual energy and martial arts (medical qi-gong), etc.

Please make sure that you contact us for upcoming sessions, and also send us your proof of payment for an appropriate series at or whatsapp +27 73 184 5324. Alternatively you may purchase previous unedited online sessions as shown under programmes.

Rekh Djes-Ek – Know Thy-Self

Bona aBa-Khulu Base Khemu

Sesh Metu Neter

Read Hieroglyphs

Ageless iSi-Ntu Quantum Cosmology

Science of NTU

Timeless Kemetic Quantum – Cosmology I

Science of Consciousness

Timeless Kemetic Quantum – Cosmology II

Science of Spirit-Mind-Soul

Timeless Kemetic Quantum – Cosmology III

Advanced Science of Consciousness

Kemetic Science of Time

Calendars and Astronomy

Pert em Heru en Gerh

Protocols of Awakening

Neka Uah Ab

Way of a Transcendent Mind

Aunkh, Udja, Seneb

Health Preservation Protocols

Men Ab en Aunkh en Ma’at

Path of the Stable Heart-Mind

Netchem Aunkh Cosmology

Sexual Energy Transmutation