Pert em Heru en Gerh

Protocols of Awakening

The Chapters of Coming Forth by Day from Night, aka, The Egyptian Book of the Dead is undoubtedly the most famous of ancient Afrika’s written work on Kemetic Sciences of Consciousness. What is the ‘Rue Em Pert em Heru en Gerh? What is its genesis? What is its purpose? An authentic seeker of Afrikan wisdom teachings will do well in this time to practice only what is consistent with emerging sciences, e.g., quantum physics, epigenetics and cosmology, psycho-biophysics, etc. Our ‘Pert em Heru en Gerh’ – Protocols of Awakening series is designed to systematically explore the unknown, with clear awareness of purpose in order to usher in a new way of being, a fresh worldview, flowing action, ever-fresh knowledge and empowering tenets.

The Pert Em Heru finds its genesis from earlier Kushite-Kemetic Science of Consciousness writings as demonstrated from Pre-Dynastic Kemet through Old Kingdom Pyramid Texts, Middle Kingdom Coffin Texts and Royal Tombs of the New Kingdom. The fact that this was the most important written work used in the evaluation of our intentions, word and deeds for a successful after-life, demonstrate how its teachings are still sufficient today.

Our methods involve the application of ‘Tep Hesb’ for ‘Metut Nefert’ or The Correct Methodologies for Perfect Articulation of Higher Knowledge. We use attestations as demonstrated in preserved royal papyri for awakening, self-mastery and enlightenment. While our system is knowledge intensive, the How-To aspects of Pert Em Heru, especially the Utchau Metu Process will be meticulously presented so participants may master the practical applications of the system for inner tranquillity and abundance.

Outline of the Series

In this series we explore some of the not-so-known Pert em Heru Papyri of Middle and New Kingdom Kemet in order to demonstrate how this is the Ultimate Science of Consciousness Technology our ancestors developed.

  • Double Hall of Ma’ati, where we systematically dissect each of the main characters of the Pert em Heru papyri, their meaning, practical application, and their relevance in consciousness expansion in modern times.
  • Utchau Metu Protocol is an ancient Psycho-Biological Technology used for heart-mind evaluation and for accessing higher consciousness. This framework is what is known as Superior Protocols for Weighing the Heart and Words in the Double Hall of Ma’ati.
  • Pert Em Technique is a daily emergence practice wherein we take personal responsibility for our intentions, creations and implications. It is by far the most superior way of cultivating one’s conscience, or judgement of intentions, words and deeds; in the Ma’at or uBu-Ntu aspect of our spirit.
  • Uah Ab System will be introduced as a central technique for maintaining and sustaining meditative states of consciousness. Processes that enhance Brain-Heart Coherence essential for the Laws of Attraction will also be introduced.
  • Men Ab System introduces participants to the secrets behind the symbology of the feather and the heart. This technique is essential for the attainment of the Zero-Point Consciousness where serenity is the source of awareness, health, success and bliss.

4 Sessions x 3 Hours = 12 Hours

Ma’atical Contribution
R 2 400 (Inside Afrikan Continent); US$ 300 (Outside Afrikan Continent