Oracle Readings

Most high civilisations founded their success on objective oracular pronouncements. Therefore, the creators of such progressive systems followed these systematic spiritual and cultural systems that supported all aspects of their lives. In Afrika, oracles still occupy a central role in people’s lives, especially in critical areas that seeks to investigate one’s destiny or purpose on earth, relationships, business investment, health, etc. Oracles provide use with insights and frameworks for holistic thinking, circumspection and decision-making for success.

We provide readings, ranging from iSi-Ntu High Divination Oracles, inspired by the omni-science faculty of our spirit called uMlenzengamunye by the Nguni people. We also offer the Metu Neter Great Oracle of Tehuti, which is based on the Kemetic Ausarian spiritual system that refers to Tehuti as the wisdom and will of Ausar, the indwelling intelligence or consciousness in our being. In addition to the above two systems, we also use the Taoist I-Ching in combination with the Bazi and Tantric-Jyotish Astrology.

We therefore invite you to experience these Afrikan High Oracular Systems that were co-created by Afrikans of early Indus Kush, Xia-Shang, and Zhou Dynasties. For astrological readings, please make sure that you acquire your full date, place, and time of birth. Experience how it feels like, not to follow the darkness of the enlightened and narcissistic mind, but the wisdom of the unseen, yet scientific systems that delves into the quantum and cosmic realms of our existence.

iSi-Ntu Oracles: R800/60 min (In Afrika), US$200/60 min (Outside Afrikan Continent)

Metu Neter: R800/60 min (In Afrika), US$100/60 min (Outside Afrikan Continent)

I-Ching: R500/60 min (In Afrika), US$100/60 min (Outside Afrikan Continent)

Kemetic Astrology: R800/60 min (In Afrika), US$120/60 min (Outside Afrikan Continent)

Pert em Aunkh Experience Immersion Programme

A meditative contemplation on the fullness of ‘self’ will reveal our multi-dimension and immanence nature; beyond our mere visceral or bodily sensations, subtle emotional states of being, or our mental and intellectual faculties. Afrikan knowledge systems declare that we are comprised of incredible inner dimensions; which include psychic bodies, willing structures; power vortexes and the creative regions.

Retreat Programmes

The Institute facilitates retreats both on the Afrikan continent and elsewhere in the world. However, focus is on Guided Sacred Excursions up the Hapi (Nile) Valley, in Kemet. The journey to Kemet will provide pilgrims with an opportunity to integrate teachings of the Amen-Ra Institute with the visceral experience of the Power of Pyramids of Giza, the Waters of the River Nile, the Energy of the Sacred Temples, the Beauty Oasis and the Silence of the Deserts of Kemet. Attention is given to sacred spaces where major cosmologies were developed, taught and practiced, e.g. Anu (Heliopolis), Men-Nefer (Sakkara), (Cairo), AbTu (Abydos), Uas-Set (Karnak), Netchem-Aunkh (Dendera), etc.