Oracle Readings

Most venerated Afrikan civilisations founded their long standing success on scientific and objective oracular pronouncements. Therefore, the creators of such progressive systems followed these systematic spiritual and cultural systems that supported all aspects of their lives.

In Afrika, oracles still occupy a central role in people’s lives, especially in critical areas that seeks to investigate essential reasons for emergence into existence, national programmes and projects, business investment, health of individuals and the nations, etc. Oracles provide use with insights and frameworks for holistic thinking, circumspection and decision-making for success.

We provide readings, based on iSi-Ntu High Oracular System, informed by aMathongo, inspired by the omni-science faculty of our being called uMlenzengamunye by the Nguni people – The Wise Messenger of aMathongo.

  • iSi-Ntu Oracles: R1600/120 min (In Afrika), US$120/120 min (Outside Afrikan Continent)

Retreat Programmes

The Institute facilitates retreats both on the Afrikan continent and elsewhere in the world. However, focus is on Guided Sacred Excursions up the Hapi (Nile) Valley, in Kemet. The journey to Kemet will provide pilgrims with an opportunity to integrate teachings of the Amen-Ra Institute with the visceral experience of the Power of Pyramids of Giza, the Waters of the River Nile, the Energy of the Sacred Temples, the Beauty Oasis and the Silence of the Deserts of Kemet. Attention is given to sacred spaces where major cosmologies were developed, taught and practiced, e.g. Anu (Heliopolis), Men-Nefer (Sakkara), (Cairo), AbTu (Abydos), Uas-Set (Karnak), Netchem-Aunkh (Dendera), etc.