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The Amen‐Ra Institute is an organisation through which the quintessential Afrikan consciousness cosmologies are systematically investigated, diligently studied and generously shared.  We are concerned with unearthing and reconstructing the High Knowledge Systems of Bona aBa-Khulu Base-Khemu, the Timeless Wisdoms of the Ancient Ones of Kemet. The Institute interfaces the timeless knowledge systems of the Hapi or Nile River Valley with emerging sciences and other knowledge fields.

The focus is particularly on Ta-ui (Kemet), Ta-Nehisi (Kushite) and Ta-Neter (East-Southern Azania) or ancient Egypt, Sudan-Ethiopia and Central-Southern Afrika respectively. These including the timeless wisdoms of the ‘aBa‐Ntu’ nations of Azania, the Congo Basic, East and West Afrikan Empires. We also meticulously explore ancient civilisations that were established by Afrikans of antiquity in ancient Indus Kush, Zhong-Guo, etc. We adventurously traverse the maze-like mysteries of our beloved heritage and cultures, beyond our rich unspoken histories.

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The Amen-Ra Institutes offers both online and contact programmes on ancient Afrikan knowledge systems, particularly the Kemetic-Kushitic and iSi-Ntu sciences of consciousness. Knowledge of Self is the basis of our wisdom teachings predicated upon astrophysics, quantum field theory, neurosciences, epigenetics, etc. For one to fully appreciate one’s culture, it critical for such to learn ancient languages that gave birth to one’s high civilisations. We therefore offer ‘Sesh Metu Neter’ or ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs lessons as an essential requirement to delving deeper into Afrikan cosmologies. We recognise that hidden history, cosmology alone are not sufficient. We systematically facilitate programmes on Afrikan holistic healing systems, endo-perception (meditation) techniques, awakening (applied cosmology) protocols, transmutation of sexual energy and martial arts (medical qi-gong).


The Amen-Ra Institute is a service-based organisation, and therefore in addition to our short-term programmes, we offers awareness of consciousness expansion services. We offer a long-term Immersion Programme for those with an authentic desire to intensify their knowledge and deepen their experiential practices inspired by Afrikan wisdom teachings. We facilitate workshops, give special lectures on related subjects, and conduct retreats on ancient Afrikan heritage or sacred sites.