Timeless Kemetic Quantum – Cosmology II

Science of Spirit-Mind-Soul

Timeless Kemetic Quantum-Cosmology II Series deepens our knowledge of the science of consciousness through our advanced understanding of Cosmologies of Khemennu, Men-Nefer, Anu, Abtu, etc. This series will leave participants with an embodied sense of who and what they are. We elevate levels of Nile Valley knowledge systems, their cosmological natural blueprints on realms of being (cosmogenesis), creation processes, emergence of consciousness and the tangible structures of the spirit.

The series will elucidate the nature of our being, the natural principles responsible for its form and function, and its purpose in existence. We shall explore the root of the old adage, ‘Know Thy-Self’ and Thou Shalt Know the Universe’ further. With knowledge of self, we shall emerge with awareness of purpose of our existence and clarity of our intention in all our actions. Armed with this outlook we shall be co-creators of our own destinies and captains of our ships; as we learn how to attract abundance and invite tranquillity; which are essential ingredient for success, prosperity and a life of opulence.

We shall demonstrate how this knowledge systems are linked to psycho-biology, epigenetics and physics of consciousness. This series builds on the Ausarian drama, and how this Ageless Tale of Ausar and Auset, Heru and Set and the Great Judgement Paut Neteru Metaphors will show how the Ausarian Tale is chief among the Paut Neteru (Nile Valley Trees of Life) Systems. We introduce little known concepts like the Saa, the Hu, the Akh, etc, as higher aspects of our being.

Outline of the Series

We follow the natural and scientific processes on investigating the nature of our reality, tep-hesb, so in turn we learn more about ourselves and master how to experience all aspects of our being. The outline of the series will cover the following:

  • Sesh Metu Neter: How the evolution of Kemetic sacred writings encoded and concealed the science of the essential aspects of our being, including consciousness, spirit, mind and psyche.
  • Akhet and Im-Duat: Introducing Pyramid Texts, Coffin Text’s Books of Two Ways, Im-Duat and Pert Em Heru; as frameworks for the sciences of life, transitions (death) and timeless transformation.
  • Paut Neteru: Kemetic Cosmology II, the next level of the natural blue-prints that hide that nature of man, Ra (anatomy of spirit) and the functioning of the various aspect of our being.
  • Sia-Hu: An exposition of the indivisible dual nature of our being, which is consciousness; that accounts to the intricacies of our essential soul-states (the Ba).
  • Akh: An elucidation of an aspect of our being that holds the primal forces and laws nature (physics or physical reality) responsible for creation, maintenance and dissolution agents of existence.
  • Nehast: Systematic processes for practical applications of each of the forces of our spirit-nature and its consciousness counterparts.

4 Sessions x 3 Hours = 12 Hours

Ma’atical Contribution
R2 400 (Inside Afrikan Continent), US$ 300 (Outside Afrikan Continent)