Neka Heru Medjem II

Science of Stable Heart-Mind

‘Am Duat’ refers the unmanifest dimensions that require an equipoised heart-mind and a balanced spiritual, mental, psychical, and physical levels. ‘Kerh’ could be likened to inertness, that translates to a tranquil way of life based on natural principles of Ma’at. Am Duat em Kerh is therefore a state of being which offers us an opportunity to nourish, heal and restore our life-force and psyche’s ability to execute our sacred desires and destinies. This series focuses on a stepwise process for programming our heart-minds for maintenance of inner peace, serenity, and tranquillity.

This series will expand on Kemetic and iSi-Ntu Quantum-Cosmologies, Pert em Heru and Neka series, where the foundations of units of consciousness, anatomy spirit, and nature of psyche and brain health were covered. Attention will be given to the relationship between the tangible structure of the spirit, neuro-biology, including their interface in quantum-cosmological nature of consciousness from Kemetic and iSi-Ntu perspectives.

Essential to this work is deeper knowledge of our brains, basic functions and usefulness in consciousness expansion technologies. Therefore, this series will present us with transformation techniques for the embodiment of higher consciousness; deep into the Ab, Sahu, and Khaibit divisions of our spirits. The ‘art of the descend’ of consciousness into these parts of our being constitute emerging frontier sciences underscored by most ancient indigenous knowledge systems.

A brief introduction of Men Ab embodiment evidence through the teachings of those considered to be Afrikan Sages and Sageresses will be experienced. We shall introduce the essential Teachings of Merikara of the Akiri Family, and those of the Intef family. We therefore visit the First, Second, and Fourth Golden Ages of the Nile Valley to borrow some of their timeless lessons we can embody as high values for the age of higher consciousness.

Our ability to sustain Kerhor a balanced state of being is therefore dependent on the arousal the life-force which in turn leads to the transformation of our psyche. Advanced knowledge of the manipulation of the ‘double-fold seven plexes centres’ or fourteen ariwt systems will prove to be essential for all our consciousness practices. We shall demonstrate multi-cultural knowledge systems of cultivation of the life-force and bio-energetic-nervous system plexus interface.

Scientifically proven daily practices, and techniques to enhance our co-creative nature through breath-work, meditation, trance, visualisation, metaphysical rituals, and high-level self-imaging are at the core of these embodiment protocols. The cultivation of direct experience of the Ib (higher-mental faculties) division of spirit is the secret of secrets for success, health and prosperity.

Outline of the Series

Am-Duat em Kerh is related to the principle of the Djed or stability in that it speaks both to the stability of the heart-mind, which in turn talks to total freedom and liberation of the will. The series will therefore cover the following knowledge areas:

  • Ais-Saa or Brain-Consciousness Interface in relation to their holographic nature in emerging sciences and correspondences in ancient knowledge systems will form the basis of this series. Participant will be taken through consciousness transformation and transduction processes for embodiment of supra and super-consciousness states of being.
  • Haty-Ab or Heart-Brain Coherence Principles of our evolutionary impulse of take a quantum leap in transformation of the life-force will be investigated. We shall explore correspondences between the human brains and Kemetic and iSi-Ntu units of consciousness and divisions of spirit.
  • Metut-Nefert or Eloquent Articulation of the High Teaching or Maxims of the Nile Valley Schools of Thought will be presented as the best example for embodying Gher. We shall visit Kemetic and Kushite wisdom teachings to augment our resolve to maintain stable heart-minds.
  • Res-Nehast Meditation System supported by Sensenti (Nifa-Aunkh) Breathwork for awakening and awareness will be introduced. Pragmatic technologies for nourishing and awakening various parts of the brains that correspond to Kemetic perspective of spirit will be the core of this series.

4 Sessions x 3 Hours = 12 Hours

Ma’atical Contribution
R2 400 (Inside Afrikan Continent); US$ 300 (Outside Afrikan Continent