Nedjem-Ankh Cosmology

Sexual Energy Transmutation

‘Nedjem’ is an ancient Kemetic word representing sexual bliss, sweetness, pleasure, etc. The splendour of Afrikan ontology and its cosmo-genesis archetypes is associated with sexual metaphors that direct the fundamental principles of the life force. These primordial essences transform themselves into pure abstractions that give rise to the building blocks of the cosmos, multi-universes, sentient life-forms, and overall nature as we experience it. These creative sexual principles are best expounded through the Timeless Kemetic and Ageless iSi-Ntu Quantum Cosmologies. We know these primal forces as the Neteru or aMathongo, which govern the sublime laws of serenity, bliss, and tranquillity. This series therefore explores the consciousness of sexuality, and the sexuality of consciousness as systems of awakening, universal peace, and emergence of thriving societies.

The series covers little-known aspects of our sexual physiology and anatomy essential for consciousness expansion. Advanced knowledge of the functioning of our body-temples, brain science and neuroendocrinology as sex-meditation technologies for entero-perception and transformation will be explored. We shall go through the arts of manipulating our subtle physiologies for healing and bliss. This work will include sciences of ecstatic-trance-based meditations for deeper serenity, creative visualisation, and success.

We traverse the ancient worlds, or indigenous cultures with rich heritage of sexual cosmologies, designed to free us from limiting and repressive beliefs around sexually and its role in consciousness expansion. We navigate both the wisdoms of the ancients and frontier sciences as part of expanding the role of sexual energy in holistic healing, inner harmony, and a life of abundance. Beyond the efficacious nature of sexual healing, we dive deeper into the awareness of sexual energies as powerful forces for transmutation of the life-force for better quality of life.

The Nedjem Ankh Sexual Cosmology series seeks to synthesise and synergise both the Kemetic and the iSi-Ntu Sciences of Consciousness in relation to the workings of the energetic life-force. The primary functionary of the life-force in our bodies is called Arit in Kemet, ‘Ncum!’ or ‘Umbilini’ of the San and Nguni, including Kundalini and Qi of the Vidya and Taoist consciousness systems respectively. We therefore pay special attention to the consciousness of sexuality and sexuality of consciousness. The so-called ‘alchemical’ aspects of sexual energy are essential to understanding hidden and unspoken aspects and functioning of our anatomy and physiology will be clarified.

Outline of the Series

Several temple-university complexes or Per-u Aunkh of the Nile Valley are attributed to the development of cosmologies that are related to cosmic and sexual archetypes, e.g., Het-Heru, Ausar, Auset etc. We shall focus on the teachings of ‘science of sexuality, and sexuality of science as they are revealed abstractly through related cosmologies:

  • Netchem Aunkh Sexual Cosmologies for transformation of consciousness and the life-force will reveal ancient Kemetic and iSi-Ntu sexual archetypes. These will be drawn from several of the Afrikan creation metaphors that transmute our sexual forces from the sub-consciousness, through super-consciousness, and ultimately to the supra-consciousness.
  • Secret Ways of the Sexual Being session explores the hidden knowledge of our sexual nature in our general physiology, anatomy, and neuroendocrinology as these relate to sexual energy cultivation for elevation of consciousness. This session will dive deeper into the alchemical teachings of the fourteen psychic-sexual energy centres and techniques for activation and elevating these forces for the age of higher consciousness.
  • Science of Sexuality and Sexuality of Science investigates how frontier sciences are pioneering consciousness and sexuality research, underscored by ancient knowledge systems for personal embodiment of cosmic powers, mindfulness practices and creative visualisation.
  • Universal consciousness of sexuality and sexuality of consciousness teachings will expound on leading ancient knowledge systems and tradition that have over millennia developed sexual cosmologies and sacred sexuality practices that are part of secret initiations and rites of passage. In addition to Afrikan sexual cosmologies, we share Afrikan origins of other conscious sexuality knowledge system as expounded through the Tantric, Taoist and Quodoushka systems of India, China, and the Americas, respectively.

4 Session x 3 Hours = 12 Hours

Ma’at Contribution
R2 400 (Inside Afrikan Continent); US$ 300 (Outside Afrikan Continent)