Timeless Kemetic Quantum – Cosmology III

Advanced Science of Consciousness

This is an advance exposition on Nile Valley Cosmologies that demonstrate the interrelationship, interdependence and interconnectedness of everything in existence. Its core in the ontological nature of Afrikan consciousness cosmologies. The founders and pioneers of Nile Valley and other Afrikan Nation States developed cosmological systems that were used as natural blueprints for building enduring civilisations. The indicators of civilisation include organised and centralised governance, scientific knowledge generation for agriculture, technological innovation, economic system for trade and pragmatic socio-spiritual for a peaceful, healthy, and prosperous citizenship.

They demonstrated that these natural blueprints can be leveraged as sources of inspiration for progressive innovations and inventions. It is for these reason that the Paut Neteru were central in developing all aspects of their civilisations. A life of progress, opulence and prosperity was central at the hearts of Afrikan nation builders of antiquity, prior relentless invasions, slavery, and colonialism. The Amen-Ra Institute seeks to investigate and further develop these timeless knowledge systems to gradually reinstate them into mainstream social, cultural, scientific, educational and economic systems of Afrika. This series is therefore aimed at introducing practical methods through which we can all be inspired to use these cosmological faculties for personal growth, purposeful life, and general success.

The Nile River Valley and many Afrikan river valleys were ‘spiritual, financial, social and cultural hubs’ of classical times. We shall explore ancient Afrikan Protocols for consciousness expansion and spiritual upliftment. Consciousness practices will provide the premise for zeal to face the unknown, and the courage to take calculated risks for us to attain to our authentic needs well within our destinies. The series will reveal advanced aspects of Nile Valley and iSi-Ntu Cosmologies, focusing more on the deeper and esoteric teachings – devoid of superstitious metaphysics, and faith-based mysticism. This Ancient-Future-Inspired Way of Life Series will focus on quantum-bio-cosmological protocols that serve as fundamental ingredients for consciously co-creating a life one desires.

There are sufficient parallels between numerous Afrikan cosmologies with the fundamental and practical quantum-bio-cosmological principles. Both these complementary knowledge systems have practical applications. The pragmatic applications of these technologies and protocols can fortunately be explored through our genetics, physiology, neuro-bio-chemical pathways in our bodies.  These ancient cosmologies were corroborated through emerging sciences and validated through practical teachings and experiences.

The fundamental principles of a life of serenity, vitality and prosperity are directly linked to our abilities to embody abstract ontological and cosmological systems. Our bodies are therefore the best laboratory, as the Geb principle is the field or domain of proof and evidence. The ability to co-create our experiences depends consciously on our mastery of the fundamental forces of nature which the ancients named, Neteru. In this series, we shall learn all essential protocol premised on ancient Afrikan science, supported by frontier sciences of emergence – the spontaneous manifestation of events.

Outline of the Series

A practitioner of ancient civilisations will soon find out such advances were developed based on living cosmologies, systematic knowledge systems, ecstatic rituals, and meditations systems. The expected outcome of this series will offer the participant with tools to magnetise support, people, and resources for success. The series will focus on the following:

  • Advanced Nile-Valley Cosmologies on the sciences of consciousness, soul and spirit will be the basis of advanced understanding of the esoteric Afrikan teachings. We express high level aspects of the Paut Neteru from the emergence of the Amen-Ra Neter of inner Afrika to sophisticated sciences of the consciousness and spirit which are today corroborated by psyco-biology, neuroscience and Quantum-Cosmology.
  • Quantum-Cosmology and the Science of Emergence Principles associated with Kemetic and iSi-Ntu Archetypes responsible for the embodiment of an enterprising, progressive, opulent and prosperous life. This series will explore the true meaning of ‘Experience the Ancient-Future’. Here we demystify ancient cosmologies from the broad spectrum of energy-matter and how to explore this for a successful incarnation.
  • Kemetic Way of Life Masterclass focusses on a set of essential daily consciousness expansion practices for fulfilment of life’s purpose, and contentment – inspired by authentic Afrikan indigenous ontological and cosmological systems. The Paut Neteru or Archetypes will be core in ensuring that we express and experience full life of aliveness.
  • Pre-Initiatory Lessons is for those willing to commit to adopt the Kemetic Way of Life as their cultural base. This requires passion and inspiration to master technical tools to be in the eternal presence of the mind or in sustaining the mind of the omni-presence. The techniques of maintaining deeper states of presence are essential for magnetising or attracting that which we desire.

4 Sessions x 3 Hours = 12 Hours

Ma’atical Contribution
R2 400 (Inside Afrikan Continent), US$ 300 (Outside the Afrikan Continent)