Timeless Kemetic Quantum – Cosmology I

Science of Consciousness

To fully experience what inspired ancient Nile Valley wisdom keepers to build long lasting civilisations, one must realise the ancient maxim ‘Know Thy-Self and You Will Know the Universe’. This is possible through our Timeless Kemetic Quantum-Cosmology Series I, which is designed to empower you with sufficient knowledge to practically start the journey to self, consciousness. This series introduces the ‘Paut Neteru’, Afrika’s natural blueprints for living life with awareness and clarity of purpose.

In this 21st century, it is essential for us to have direct experience of the ageless Afrikan wisdom teachings that are consistent with emerging sciences. The Amen-Ra Institute under the guidance of Ausar Auset International commits itself to providing participants with an experience through which they are be able to articulate ‘who and what you are’ beyond body, personality, duties, etc. You will be empowered with an authentic premise upon which you would be able to contemplate your reason for coming into existence from an Afrikan yet universal perspective.

Our inability to clearly articulate the fullness of what constitute our being, its inter-connected nature and forces that are responsible for its functioning has led to utter anguish and total destruction of all our endeavours to be content. The series will elucidate the nature of our being, the natural principles responsible for its form and function, and its purpose in existence. We shall explore the root of the old-adage, ‘Know Thy-Self’ and Thou Shalt Know the Universe’.

Outline of the Series

This series explores the essence of reality and the original nature of our being, with special focus on the sciences of consciousness from an Afrikan perspective. The curriculum will cover the following:

  • Kheper-Ra session introduces evolutionary or transformation of the fundamental principles of nature from the Kushite-Kemetic cosmology perspective. These natural blueprints of existence will be expounded with reference to emerging quantum-field sciences and astro-physics.
  • Zep-Tepi sets the foundations from the pre-time Kemetic cosmologies as the foundation of sub-quantum and quantum field sciences. This session draws parallels with primordial units of consciousness as contextualised and embodied by the ancient Wisdom Keepers of Tehuti from of  the City of Khemennu.
  • Paut Neteru will introduce several Kemetic quantum-cosmologies or Trees of Life; including their relationships to the transduction laws of energy-matter,  Neteru or laws of nature (physics). This will include the timeless tales of Amen-Ra, Ausar-Auset-Heru, etc – Afrika’s Greatest Stories Ever Told.
  • Ra Cosmology expounds on the science of the life force and how it transforms itself into the Kushite-Kemetic sciences of the soul, spirit and heart-mind. Introductory evidence will be drawn from the Pyramid and Coffin Texts, including several ancient Books of the Am-Duat and Books of Coming Forth by Day.

4 Sessions x 3 Hours = 12 Hours

Ma’atical Contribution
R2 400 (Inside Afrikan Continent); US$ 300 (Outside Afrikan Continent)

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