Aunkh, Udja, Seneb

Health Preservation Protocols

Aunkh, Udja, Seneb are amongst the most popular phrases found on the walls of ancient university-temples complexes of Kemet and Ta-Nehisi. They refer to life, vitality and health; respectively. Both life and vitality depend of health, Seneb. Holistic health and wellness practices are essential for nourishing the life-force, Ra or uMbhilini. We introduce practical application of natural and medical cosmologies, health protocols including sciences of herbal and mineral medicines for physical, mental and spiritual preservation. The world is under the consistent onslaught of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. There is a constant rise in the prevalence of non-communicable diseases which are largely caused by our own living errors of life-styles.

The one pandemic whose mortality rate surpasses all major health conditions combined is ‘stress-response’ related. Stress is primarily caused by our inability to respond to the so-called ‘stressors’, e.g., social challenges, death of loved ones, financial problems, relationships, etc. Therefore, the Amen-Ra Institute will re-introduce an ancient Afrikan Medical Cosmologies and various health preservation modalities ranging from life-force management, food and nutrition. These will be systematically presented in relation to the working of the human brain, neuroscience and general physiology.

We offer a brief introduction to medical Qi Gong, an internal martial art-form that is designed to harmonise body, mind and soul through movement, breathing and sounds to refines the life-force energy, fluids and neurotransmitter essences and spirit. This is critical for accessing the inner recesses of our mental faculties. We therefore shall introduce theoretical principles of Shaolin, Wudang and Chang Jia Quan internal martial arts or medical Qi Gong and Tai Ji systems.

Outline of the Series

  • Afrikan Medical Cosmology is an essential model which will provide participants with a key framework of understating the natural principles responsible for preservation of health. These will include the Neteru – aMathongo, as the fundamental factors that control existence including health.
  • Food and Nutrition are key factors that lead to ill-health in most chronic diseases. Similarly, food plays a central role in the prevention of diseases, and successful disease management and restoration of balanced health. This session will focus on the importance of live and electric food and the importance of supplementation and vegan-vegetarian way of life.
  • Herbal (Natural) Medicines are fast returning to be the mainstream, especially within the functional and precision medicine context, including quantum and holistic healing sectors. This series will explore timeless Afrikan herbal and mineral medicines for general management of key health conditions, according to evidence-based information.
  • Fast-Feast-Energy Generation sessions will explore various modalities linked to preservation of the life-force a vital body-temple, higher mental performance and consciousness expansion. The sciences of conscious breathing, the art of conscious resting (retreating), fasting, and appropriate use of sexual energy will be shared.
  • Brain Health and Stress-Free Life are dependent on the functional knowledge of the workings of the seven-fold brains.  Health is directly linked to their role of neurotransmitters and main endocrine glands in the maintenance of our general health and freedom for the biggest killer, stress.

4 Sessions x 3 Hours = 12 Hours

Ma’atical Contribution
R2 400 (Inside Afrikan Continent); US$ 300 (Outside Afrikan Continent)