Pert em Aunkh Immersion Programme

Emergence of Heru-uMvelinqangi

A meditative contemplation on the fullness of ‘self’ will reveal our multi-dimension and immanence nature; beyond our mere visceral or bodily sensations, subtle emotional states of being, or our mental and intellectual faculties. Afrikan knowledge systems declare that we are comprised of incredible inner dimensions; which include psychic bodies, willing structures; power vortexes and the creative regions. When systematically investigated, through appropriate techniques; aspects of our transcendental nature that include our cosmic knowledge and the source-essence field can be experienced. Once experienced, these qualities give us access to the most sublime and true aspects of our being, i.e., blissful consciousness and eternal tranquillity. This new perspective of life is informed by natural laws and has the potential to forever transforms our lives in ways never-before perceived. It is therefore not sufficient to be simple information addicts; but to be masters of the ‘know-how-processes’ through direct experience of the knowledge.

If you are weary of arm-chair metaphysical rhetoric, new-age spiritual gymnastics, and empty religious rituals; do consider co-creating a personal experiential journey through our Pert Em Heru-Emergence of uMveliqangi Immersion Programme. The Amen-Ra Institute has designed a programme for those with an authentic desire to immerse themselves deep into the Timeless Kemetic and the Ageless iSi-Ntu Sciences of Consciousness. This programme is strictly for those with the willingness to express their never-before-known potentials, passion for freedom and courage to take responsibility for their experiences.

Immersion-Emergence Outline

Pert Em generally refers to Emergence or Coming into Aliveness; whereas uMvelinqangi refers to the Self-Emergent aspects of our being. We shall introduce Sciences of Emergence (Pert Em) and the Art of Self-Emergent (uMvelinqangi), which will be explore through tried and tested tools, techniques and processes:

Pert Em Aunkh – Emergence of uMvelinqangi Immersion Programme

  • Rekh Djes-Ek – Know Thy-Self (Forbidden True-Story)

‘Rekh Djes-Ek’ means ‘Know They-Self’ or what in the Kemetic sectors is affectionately called ‘Know Thy-Self’. This viewpoint will focus on re-storing Afrika’s true history as part of restoring the dignity and self-image of Afrika and Afrikans. We shall explore hidden and emerging truths about the history of Afrika and its contribution to civilisation, e.g., writing scripts, science, agriculture, architecture, medicines, etc. Participants will be introduced to the undeniable relationship between the ancient Kemetiu (ancient Egyptians) and the rest of their Afrikan kin, particularly aBa-Ntu nations of the continent. This assertion will be scientifically demonstrated through archaeological records of the ancients, cosmo-cultural similarities, astronomical observations and the most recent genetics medical anthropological studies.

  • Sesh Metu Neter – How to Read Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

To fully and respectfully appreciate any culture, it is essential for one to learn and master the basics of the language used in constructing such as knowledge system. This will be a requirement for any applicant to acknowledge that language is the gateway to authentically immerse oneself into the Pert Em Heru-based way of life; beyond simple beliefs and superstitions. Therefore, Basic Sesh Metu Neter will be a pre-requisite for all participants to take. We shall take you through the techniques of how to proficiently read ‘Sesh Metu Neter’ or the Egyptian Hieroglyphic Script as an essential requirement to mastering Kemetic and iSi-Ntu sciences of consciousness and spirituality.

  • Tep Hesb – Systematic and Scientific Methods

Tep Hesb refers to the ‘correct method’ through which all-natural phenomena is to be investigates, so everything unknown may be revealed systematically and scientifically. Our approach is predicated upon scientific methods and evidence-based frameworks, including multi-disciplinary scholarship covering natural and social sciences. Tep Hesb will free us from the fangs of misrepresentation through beliefs, and misappropriation through faith and superstitions. We shall therefore never compromise the importance of scholarship but apply Tep Hesb to systematically and scientifically honour our quest for a much deeper and practical application of knowledge.

  • Pert Em (Kheper Aunkh) – Emergence and Transformation of Life

Pert Em simply refers to Emergence or Coming into Being; and Kheper Aunkh means Transformation of Life. These processes are drawn from the application of natural laws of emergence. Natural laws are expression of quantum and cosmic forces – the absolute truths and authority which will be used to design collective and personal tenets for cultivation and activation of units of consciousness and spirit as expressed by the Paut Neteru or aMathongo (archetypes).

  • Paut Neteru Cosmologies – Science of Spirit and Consciousness

The Timeless Kemetic and Ageless iSi-Ntu Quantum-Cosmologies will be used as natural blue-prints for designing our new way of being and world-views. These organising principles will be used to usher in fresh ways of living and knowing, including leading purpose-based life of serenity and success.

  • Tepi Aunkh and Hesi

Consciousness expansion techniques, e.g., meditation, are essential for the quantum workings of laws of nature; and the operations of the metaphysical principles that govern our spirits. These form the foundation of laws of manifesting our authentic desires that are aligned with our destinies. Tepi Aunkh, the breath of life technique; and Hesi and Heka, or resonance vibration of words of power will underpin our consciousness practices.

  • Utchau Metu Meditations

Utchau Metu is the most superior consciousness protocol based on Kemetic and iSi-Ntu wisdom teachings. It is a meditation-based self-assessment system commonly known as Pert Em Heru Em Gher (Coming forth by day from night or Awakening). It is a daily emergence practice wherein we take personal responsibility for our intentions, creations and implications thereof. It is by far the most superior way of cultivating one’s conscience, or judgement of intentions, words and deeds; in the Hall of Ma’at or uBu-Ntu aspect of our spirit.

  • Seneb – Holistic Healthy

Holistic health and wellness practices are essential for nourishing the life-force, Ra or uMbhilini, the heart-mind and spirit as a whole. We introduce practical application of natural and medical cosmologies, health protocols including sciences of herbal and mineral medicines for physical, mental and spiritual preservation.

  • Neka Uah Ab and Men Ab Protocols

Men Ab refers to a Stable Heart-Mind, a step-wise process for the restoration of homeostasis; through systematic daily practices, breathing techniques, use of words of power, creative visualisation, metaphysical rituals; and divine self-image proclamations.

Ua Ab refers to a Pure or Clean Heart-Mind, which uses the Men Ab system, yet focuses on transcendence protocols for mental stability as proven through psycho-biology, epigenetics, quantum heart coherence; laws of magnetism and deep feeling procedures for health preservation, abundant life, wealth creation and eternal joy.

  • Medical Qi Gong and Tai Ji

Also coined ‘Nu Shu Ra’; it is an internal martial art-form that is designed to harmonise body, mind and soul through exercises/movement that refines energy; essences and spirit. This is critical for accessing the inner recesses of our mental and spiritual faculties. We therefore shall introduce Shaolin, Wudang and Chang Jia Quan internal martial arts or medical Qi Gong and Tai Ji systems.

  • Netchem Aunkh

One of the essential practices of consciousness expansion is sacred sexuality as a spiritual practice. We traverse the ancient essential practices of sexually energy cultivation for physical and mental healing; and sex as a powerful meditation force for transmutation of energy for spiritual awakening, awareness and restoration.

  • Metu Neter Oracle

The culture of oracle utilisation is a scientific tool that frees us from our limited sensual and emotional compulsions. Oracles that will help us master our willing faculties, supported by consciousness prescriptions from Metu Neter Oracles, I-Ching, Bazi, and Sidereal Astrology will be taught to participants who resonate with these systems.

The ‘Pert Em’ Process

The Pert Em Heru and Emergence of uMvelinqangi Immersion Programme will be tailor-made for an individual according to their natural proclivity, using any of the tools, protocols and technologies articulated above. It is designed strictly for partitioners and those willing to leap into the synchronised field of infinite possibilities. It is a 13-months programme predicated upon Kemetic and iSi-Ntu quantum and cosmological pillars as the core authors of one’s awakening and self-awareness. It is also for those with a deeper yearning to master the ‘know-how’, so they may emerge into consciousness as authentic free beings.

This will be co-created along with Prof Å Aunkh Khem S’Maã, Founder of the Amen-Ra Institute, as the facilitator of all processes involved. The Pert Em Heru –Emergence of uMvelinqangi Immersion Programme will use the following but flexible processes:

  • Personalised emergence-based programme and protocols
  • Monthly consciousness expansion techniques sharing sessions
  • Free (1-2hr) one-on-one Pert-Em Heru consultation per month
  • Pre-new moon Pert Em Heru personal ritual sessions (2 hours)
  • Specialised full-moon esoteric information on wisdom teachings
  • Free Paut Neteru-based personal prescriptions and practices
  • Free Paut Neteru full-moon meditation sessions or protocols
  • Up to 40-50% off on special lectures or block series and retreats
  • Study materials, e.g., books and interactions with visiting teachers

Sacred Agreement

 The Pert Em Heru – Emergence of uMvelinqangi Immersion Programme is designed to leave you with more, and not less. However, it is your responsibility to shift your reality to the best desired results.  The Amen-Ra Institute is resolute that this will be a journey of deep communion, friendship and everything blessed that the unknown will reveal. The co-creation of a new way of being is grounded on the unknown, and not old and predicable perspectives that are decaying. Ours is to point to the many ‘doors of the temple’ – your infinite potentialities. It is your responsibility to choose the door, open it and explore what destiny has in store for you. We are devoted to co‐creating new realities by exploring the never‐before‐experienced life of authenticity, freedom, and contentment.

Please note that we do not compromise systematic scholarship, scientific investigation and diligent evidence-based internal exploration and study. Although this is the practice of those willing to be surprised by the act of orienting self, more into the unknown, the attitude is that of being first, and doing-having outlook after. The Being-Do-Have notions based on the Paut Neteru and Emergence Principles will guide the following sacred agreements so we may all flow easily and effortlessly:

  • The willingness to cultivate inner peace, serenity and tranquillity as priority for success, health and prosperity in life;
  • Cultivation of the ‘one-with-all’ state of consciousness; the art of non-judgement that enhance natural flow, rhythm and inter-connectedness with everything in existence;
  • The practice of attentiveness aligned with sacred intentions; trusting and surrendering into the power of the uncreated and unknown (omniscience) future;
  • Acceptance of our inherent power that opens us to a world of the infinitudes of possibilities; and the unlimited potential (i.e., sharing in the omnipotence aspects of Source);
  • Emerging each day like a new being, full of aliveness and choosing to see innocence, beauty and continued healing each moment;
  • Being the embodiment of love born out of the ability to self-evaluate one’s intentions, words and deeds; as the main self-loving practice;
  • Take courage in being responsible to one’s behaviour, totally owning one’s YES and NO; and being deliberate in the practice of awareness of one’s thought-word-deed;
  • Responsibility for one’s joy and bliss; and willingness to acknowledge, appreciate, admire and be affectionate with self and others (quantum heart coherence);
  • Expand one’s worldview, be a life-time learner and be willingness to explore never-before-experienced cultures, knowledge, etc; and
  • Going beyond limiting belief systems of external or physical reality and investing in cultivation of energy for preservation of health, mental stability and awareness of purpose.

Ma’at Reciprocal Exchange

Observing the Laws of Ma’at or uBu-Ntu, which is the reciprocation principle in nature is essential. Therefore, investment in our consciousness education helps us value the knowledge, while at the same time honouring those who share the information with us. Therefore, an open heart to contribute is part of the sacred agreements to be honoured. The total investment for this 13-months offering is R16 900 (for those on the African Continent) and US$4 550 (those outside the Afrikan Continent)

Early-Bird Offerings

We offer an 20% discount for a full contribution of R 13 620.00 (in Afrika) and US$ 3 740 (Outside Afrika) in one or two instalments by 01 October 2022.

 We offer an 15% discount for a full contribution of R 14 465.00 (in Afrika) and US$ 3 970 (Outside Afrika) in one to three instalments by 01 November 2022.

Deposits and Sliding Plan

We accept a non-refundable deposit; with an incentive of sliding discounts, off the remaining balance, for all subsequent monthly instalment including a small administrative fee.

15% Deposit (R2 535 / US$ 685) + 12 Instalments

R1 300.00 per month (US$ 392.00 per month)

10% Deposit (R1 690 / US$ 455) + 12 Instalments

R1 400.00 per month (US$ 441.00 per month)

5% Deposit (R845 / US$ 435) + 12 Instalments

R1 500.00 per month (US$ 460.00 per month)

Please contact us for banking details. All participants outside South Afrika, please use our PayPal account at

Refund Policy

All deposits are non-refundable, however 85% of the deposits will be refunded in cases where one is unable to sustain continue with the Programme due to loss of income within seven days after the commencement date.

Conditions of Value-Exchange

Various sessions, block series and consultations will be conducted both in person and through online platforms. The preferred platform will be Zoom, therefore participants are expected to install Zoom in their devices.

It is the responsibility of the participants to make sure that they have access to functional internet or Wi-Fi systems. The Amen-Ra Institute will not be responsible for participants’ inability to access online sessions.

Password-protected links will be sent to all participants in good standing, meaning those who would have settled their Ma’at contributions before monthly sessions, technical classes or any information and practical session, etc.

Date of sessions will be communicated way on time to afford participants sufficient time to plan. However one-on-one sessions will be pre-arranged with each participant. Please note that only audio recordings, and not visuals will be sent to those who miss sessions.

Subsequent sessions will be accessible to those who honour play-works through submissions on agreed times and dates. This is a co-creative journey that requires of personal and collective responsibility for effortless flow.

Potential participants may be required to submit a short write-up, articulating reasons why they would like to take the Pert Em Here – Emergence of uMvelinqangi Immersion Programme.

A short interview will be conducted with all who express interest either on one-on-one; or through meet and greet meetings, but prior commencement of the programme.


We shall offer classes in a lecture format with sufficient time for questions and answers. The Amen-Ra Institute is meticulous in how it disseminates its information. Therefore, its sessions are strictly targeted to those committed to studying and applying themselves to the knowledge, rather than cater for belief systems, superstitions and blind faith. As a result, participants are expected to take some competency tests to demonstrate their dedication and basic comprehension of the work. Various study materials will be shared or recommended; however, this is an embodiment and experiential process, more than an academic one. Dedication to applying yourself to spiritual and consciousness practices that support your natural proclivity will be the main practice.


This journey is aimed at leaving you with more, rather than with less. However, it is your responsibility to shift your reality to the best desired results. We are resolute that this will be a journey of deep communion, friendship and everything blessed that the mysteries of the unknown will reveal. Ours is to point to the many doors of the temple. It is your responsibility to choose the door, open it and explore what destiny has in store for you. We are devoted to co‐creating new realities by exploring the never‐before‐experienced life of authenticity, wisdom, freedom, love and contentment. Please note that we do not compromise systematic scholarship, scientific investigation and diligent evidence-based internal exploration.