Mysteries Unfold in the Nile Valley II

27 November – 08 December 2023

Mysteries Unfold II: Take time off to retreat with us for 12 days of pure relaxation, serenity and tranquillity up the Hapi (Nile) River. This will be an inspiring fortnight of total immersion into ancient Afrikan mysteries and consciousness expansion practices in sacred spaces. Frontier medical research, psychobiology and quantum sciences agree with our ageless wisdom teachings that a change of environment and spiritual practice in ancient sacred centres; transforms consciousness, connects mind with quantum and cosmic power-fields and heals the body-temple. For those who theoretically studied Kemetic Science with the Amen-Ra Institute, our retreats will offer the direct experience of the knowledge thus far shared.

Full 12-Day Programme

The Amen-Ra Institute will facilitate a Full 12-Day Sacred Journey aimed at restoring and re-connecting the seeker with their eternal and original core.

Special Features

The unknown remains a mystery and mystical until it is systematically revealed as a knowledge system. In our sacred journey up the Hapi River Valley, we will immerse ourselves into the following:

  • Daily Paut Neteru Meditations
  • Nu Shu Ra and Medical Qi Gong
  • Initiations-Naming Ceremonies
  • Giza Plateau Pyramid-Complexes
  • Text-Filled Pyramids of Sakkara
  • Antiquities Museums and Sphinx
  • Ausarian and Amen-Ra Temples
  • Royal Valley Temples and Tombs
  • Equinox (Heb-Nen) Observations
  • Nile River  – Dahabiya Boat Cruise

General Daily Programme

Each day will start with morning refreshing Libations, Nu Shu Ra Medical Qi Gong Exercises (06:30 – 08:00), followed by Paut Neteru of the Day Meditations. Vegan-Vegetarian breakfast will be between 08:30 – 09:30; and all visits, lectures, etc., will start from 10:00 am, unless stipulated.

There will be daily free or open times for ancestral quite-times, bonding with the sacred spaces, personal reflections, meditation, etc. We shall be flexible with our vegan-vegetarian lunches (No Meat Products); between 12:00 – 14:00, and suppers at 17:30 – 19:00, due to in-land journeys from one site to another. We shall have evening meditations, re-cap and healing sessions, lectures, storytelling, etc, at 20:00 – 21:30.

Day 1: Kemet-Bound Departure and Arrival (26 November 2023) 

We shall depart from our respective countries/airports to Cairo International Airport in Heliopolis, Egypt. Day 1 will be dedicated to travel, arrival and recovery from long and possibly overnight flights. We shall have a sumptuous vegan-vegetarian lunch together, followed by further settling-in and more rest. At 18:00 we shall hold a ‘welcoming ritual’, ancestral invocation libations, ‘Ari-Sa-Aunkh’ alignment session, collective intention-setting, programme clarification, followed by a ‘hetep-home-coming’ supper.

Day 2: Egyptian Museums of Antiquity (27 November 2023)

Day 2 will be ‘livicated’ to the ‘Rekh Djes-Ek’ or Know Thy-Self visit to the two Egyptian Museums for us to connect with ‘our-story’ and heritage. This is an essential excursion to familiarise ourselves with all key artefacts related to Nile Valley cosmologies, her-stories, royals, science, health, mummies, innovations, etc; as we learnt in our Know Thy-Self, Kemetic Quantum-Cosmologies, iSi-Ntu Cosmologies, Bona aBa-Khulu Base-Khemu, Pert em Heru and Sesh Metu Neter Sessions, etc. There will be an optional visit to Tahir Square Museum or some of the Coptic and Islamic relics, etc.

Day 3: Giza-Pyramid and Sphinx Complex (28 November 2023)

After reminding ourselves of the glorious heritage of our ancestors from the Museums, this day will be appropriate for us to take a meditative visit to Royal Pyramids of Khnum-Khufu, Khaf-Ra and Men-Kau-Ra. This will be followed by a visit to the Valley Temple and the Heru-m-Akhet or Sphinx.

Day 4: Sakkara and Dashur Pyramids (29 November 2023)

We shall visit Sakkara, the abode of the Step Pyramid of Emperor Neterkhet Djeser and the I-em Hetep Museum. Here we descend into the Pyramids of Emperor Unas and Teti to enjoy reading the Pyramid Texts. In Sakkara we shall visit the Aristocratic Tomb of Ptah-Hetep, the author of the Metut Nefert Principles of Eloquent Speech. In Dashur we shall visit the Bent and Red Pyramids of Snefru.

 Day 5: Temple of Ausar Khenti-Amenti (30 November 2023)

The day will be dedicated to a journey to AbTu, through Sohag, where we shall visit Sohag Museum to witness Pre- and Early Dynastic artifacts including the evolution of Sesh metu Neter Writing Scripts. We shall spend the afternoon and evening at AbTu, where we honour our Ausarian Spiritual System.

Day 6: Temple of Ausar Khenti-Amenti (01 December 2023)

This Equinox day will be spent inside the Temple of Ausar, exploring the Ausarian Paut Neteru, moving from one chamber to another. Everyone will be offered an opportunity to have a solo experience of the multi-chambers, meditating on the Paut Neteru related to their Incarnation Objectives. We shall also visit the ancient Ausarion, to witness the so-called Flowers of Life and the following writings: Books of Fundamentals of the Course of Stars, Book of Transformation of Ra and the Book of Am-Duat.

Day 7: Temple of Het-Heru (02 December 2023)

On this day we shall journey to Iunnet (Dendera), to the Temple of Het-Heru. Here we shall experience and witness the multiple astrological calendars and cosmologies from the roofs of the Temple of Netchem Aunkh. We shall also witness the Khemennu Cosmologies, including those on Innu (Ra) and Ausarian Resurrection metaphors.

Day 8: Temples of Amen-Ra, Uaset (03 December 2023)

We rise early to witness the Sunrise at Ipet-Isut (Temple of Amen-Mut-Khonsu). The temple-university complex is vast, and we shall have free time to explore what resonate with, including the Sacred Lake, Temple of Khonsu, Chapels of Hatshepsut, Tekennu, etc. We shall also visit the Temple-Hospital of Mut Sekhmet and the Ipet-Resut temple of Mut (Luxor) by late afternoon. In the evening we shall experience the Amen-Ra Colonnade of Sphinxes Walk, enacting the ancient meeting of Amen-Ra and Mut.

Day 9: Uaset’s Sacred Tombs, Uaset (04 December 2023)

This day will be dedicated to the Valleys of the Queens, Kings and Aristocrats. Highlights will be the Temples of Hatshepsut and selected tombs which will be open on the day. We shall target the tombs with Books of the Am-Duat and astrological cosmograms (e,g Seti I, Ay, Ramesw III, V, VI), or Ramses III Temple, etc.

Day 10: Temples of Khnum, Heru and Kom Ombo (05 December 2023)

We shall traverse the Nile in Upper Kemet, and will visit the Temple of Heru to witness the story of the ancient yet timeless battle between Heru and Set, in Esna we witness the Triad of Khnum, Satet and the only daughter in a trinity, Aunket. We shall also pass through the Temple of Sobek and Heru the Elder where we shall see calendars and special tributed to I-em-Hetep and Medical Sciences information.

Day 11: Temple of Auset and Nubia (06 December 2023)

We shall wake up, in the City of Aswan near the Island of Abu or Elephantine. We shall visit the Temple of Auset and I-em-Hetep Healing Chapels and more. We shall witness that final frontier, where the last Hem Neter of the Auset left evidence of the timeless teachings of Kemet and Ta-Nehisi.

Day 12: (Elephantine and Closing Ceremony (07 December 2023)

We shall visit the Temple of Khnum in Elephantine Island, the second biggest open temple in kemet.  We shall also visit more Nubian Royal tombs up the River Hapi or the Western Realms.  The evening will be dedicated to Name-Giving Ceremonies and Initiations into various Kemetic Systems. We shall have an Evening Closing Ceremonies.

Day 13: Flight to Cairo, Farewell and Departure (08 December 2023)

We shall check out and travel back to Giza, where we shall have a free day for more shopping, resting or one more visit to the Pyramids or Museum. Pilgrims be transported to Cairo International Airport for homebound departures.

Mysteries Unfold III: We look forward to a journey with you to to Kemet, Ta-Nehisi and Kush (Sudan) in 2024.

Accommodation and Food

We would like your stay in Kemet to be safe, comfortable, and nourishing. We shall stay in 3-4 Star hotels and/or Nile Cruises for deeper relaxation, meditation and lecturing facilities. Double occupancy per room is a recommendation, however single occupancy will be available on request at additional cost. Three vegan-vegetarian meals (No meat) will be served. Please note that lunch boxes will be arranged in situation where we maybe in on the road, and far for town and restaurants.

Facilitators and Tour Guides

This journey will be facilitated by Prof Aunkh Chabalala. However, due to the Arab Republic of Egypt laws, we shall have local tour guides to facilitate easy on-land travel, special access into restricted sites and meeting with local villages and families.

All-Inclusive Fees

An all-inclusive amount for South Afrikans or those on the Afrikan Continent is for R50 000 (Single Occupancy) or R40 000 (Double or Sharing Occupancy). An all-inclusive amount for those outside the Afrikan continent is US$5 000.00 (Single Occupancy) or US$4 500 (Double or Sharing Occupancy). These amounts include:

  • Return economy class flights (OR Tambo International Airport – Cairo International Airport) – Those outside Azania (South Africa) need to make separate travel arrangements with us.
  • On-land travel (Air conditioned buses, 4×4 vehicles and flights)
  • Accommodation (3-4 star hotels and/or Nile Cruise)
  • Three vegan-vegetarian meals and drinks
  • Entrance fees (museums, pyramids, temples and tombs)
  • Payments of local tour guides and organisers
  • Morning Nu Shu Ra and Qi Gong exercises
  • Daily meditation and healing sessions
  • Sacred sites guide, explanations and teachings
  • Special lectures, villager gratitude and tips
  • All visa applications, logistics and processing

Deposit and Refund Policy

A non-refundable of R14 000 (US$1200 for Single Occupancy Non-South Africans) or R12 000 (US$1000 for Double Occupancy Non-South Africans) payable by 30 August 2023 to secure flights, facilitate visas, book hotels and other requirement six months prior the journey. Fifty percent (50%) and Seventy-Five (75%) of the outstanding balance is payable by 30 October 2023. The total (100%) amount is payable on 15 November 2023, a month prior departure. A certain percentage refund may be made available in case of serious illness; for those who take travel insurance.

Please contact us for banking details. All international participants outside South Africa, please discuss with us prior making your deposits to our PayPal account at

Health and Safety

Your health and safety are our priority, and therefore everyone should take a travel insurance which is inclusive of medical doctor consultations, hospitalisation and extraction wherever possible. The health and safety requirement of Egypt or any county we may use to transit should be observed. These may include a negative Covid-19 test or vaccination, Yellow Fever etc.