Neka Uah Ab

Way of a Transcendent Mind

“Neka Uah Ab” refers to a deeply meditative and transcendental heart-mind which endows us with clarity of purpose, purity of the soul and innocent of consciousness. The series delves deeper into the Afrikan context of the mind, and its relationship to both autonomous and central nervous systems, i.e., brains. The series explores modern scientific concepts such as epigenetics, neuro-endocrinology and neuro-plasticity as emerging frontiers sciences for high-performance, health and abundance. Central to the higher functions of the brains is meditation or mindfulness, which has been scientifically proven to be the master-tool for leading purpose-based life, serenity and perpetual self-renewal.

The timeless wisdoms of Afrika recognise the correspondences between our brains and the multi-dimension aspects of consciousness, soul, and overall spirit. This series will take participants through the ancient and emerging sciences of seven-fold brains, their functions, nourishing protocols (for their high performance) and unhealthy risk factors to avoid. This series will assist us in having the direct experience of the Sahu division of the spirit.

Ancient Afrikan spiritual traditions are based on systematic practices and rites of passage that involve high cosmologies that set up context for such consciousness raising technologies and mindfulness techniques. Neka Uah Ab System offers us transcendence protocols as proven through psycho-biology, quantum brain-heart coherence, laws of magnetism and entero-perception procedures. This system is best for health preservation, which gives rise to stress-free life, and in turn leads to high mental performance for a prosperous, abundant and opulent life.

Outline of the Series

  • Brain sciences focuses on special types of brain systems, critical centres (glands) responsible for homeostasis, neuro-sciences and attainment of various state of consciousness (gamma, alpha, theta, delta) within the context of our holographic universes.
  • Mechanisms of Action of essential aspects of the central and the autonomous nervous systems, especially the hypothalamus complex, pituitary and pineal glands, etc, as the engine of the brain responsible for accessing Source are a pre-requisite to experiencing a life of transcendence.
  • Apep-Set Systems gives processes of Isfet, or generic mechanic through which with loose of awareness and suffer from emotional sequels of conditioning. This will also be demonstrated through the neuro-chemical effects on nervous system.
  • Tipa Aunkh (Breath of Life) explores techniques that combine the diaphragmatic manipulation of both the vagus and phrenic nerves for total relaxation, trance and fast stress relieving processes. This is the basis of all meditation systems and processes for accessing the deeper states of consciousness and expression of the willing faculties.
  • Hekau and Hesi focuses on (sonic vibration sciences or rhythmic words of power chanting techniques) for accessing both cosmic and quantum states consciousness, were our view of existence shifts from illusion to real reality experienced only by seers and sages of antiquity.
  • Neka Uah Ab Meditation Technique for balanced production of neurotransmitters (tryptophan, serotonin, melanin) will facilitate our ability to accessing pure consciousness states where co-creation of success is possible. Sustaining a transcendental state of awareness, the zero-point consciousness which is the field quantum fluctuation and source of primal forces containing primordial knowledge that manages the cosmos.

4 Sessions x 3 Hours = 12 Hours

Ma’atical Contribution
R2 400 (Inside Afrikan Continent); US$ 300 (Outside Afrikan Continent)